Our 2020 Forever Young Dinner took place in February and was a hit! We were so excited to bring this back and look forward to our next dinner!

NYD President Emma Craig showing off her "Get out the Votegetarian" chili at the 2019 Chili Cookoff!

The not-so-shocking news of Breonna Taylor’s murderers evading justice for her wrongful death has made our hearts heavy. We at NYD believe that Black lives matter and that our justice system has seriously failed Breonna Taylor, her family, and Black people as a whole in this nation....over and over again. In point of fact, the justice system is functioning exactly as it was intended to, and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. We need the deadly terrorism against Black people to stop. One of the biggest questions now is HOW can we make meaningful change happen? Vote. Donate. Resist systems of oppression that are built to push Black people down. Stand together. Engage with your communities, and most importantly, LISTEN to Black leadership. While our NYD executive board does not currently have any Black representation, and we recognize that this is a systemic failure, we vow to not only listen to Black voices in our community but to amplify them. We vow to work to increase the diversity on our executive board, within our NYD community, and beyond. #BLM.

Portrait artist Amy Sherald

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