• Emma Craig, President

Young Dems on the Rise

As campaigns are heating up so is NYD! We have gone through a lot over the years, this year in particular. Despite all of this we are ready to work together for the betterment of the state. With all the reorganization, we are more ready than ever to take on the upcoming election and are already getting down to work.

As 2020 approaches, young people will be a critical group that will determine the future of the country. The catch-22 of the past has been that youth are harder to turn out than the older generation, so why would you use your limited campaign resources on the less effective turn out strategy? However, 2018 proved this model incorrect with young people turning out in record numbers. As the younger generations, Millenials, and Gen Z make up the largest single group of the electorate - in tightly contested races, young people are the key to victory.

Most of the active campaign staff in the state are Young Dems - through this we learn from, and lean on one another because oftentimes, that’s all we have. We are active, and excited to make this state better. When younger people are engaged and present at the decision making table, we are continually discounted and told we don’t have the experience to properly contribute. Simply having a representative of youth isn’t enough, we must be welcomed to engage in meaningful conversation and be an equal member in the debate.

I acknowledge that many, if not all of us are where we are today due to the incredible mentorship of established Democrats, and the doors they have opened on our behalf. I know that we must all do better to work together and acknowledge the numerous battles that have been won to get us here, and how we, the younger Democrats, can learn from and expand upon that legacy.

We are capable, ready, and excited to continue upon the great work started in the state. Young Democrats are continuously referred to as the “future of the Party”, but I believe Catherine Wicker, President of Texas College Democrats said it best. “We are not the future of the Party, we are the now.” Let’s work together and make 2020 the most transformative year in Nebraska Democrats history. We’re ready, are you?

Emma Craig

Nebraska Young Democrats President


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