White people, do better.

Ahmaud Arbery. Christian Cooper. George Floyd. I can go on for hours. These names and dozens more should certainly ring a bell - for me, when I think of their stories, I get physically sick and overwhelmed with sadness and regret. Daily we see headlines announcing murder, attempted murder (yes, I call phoning the police and lying about being attacked by a black man attempted murder), and other racially charged actions against POC in this country. I am completely disgusted by the inaction of police administration and US leaders. I am calling on white people to do better. Firing these domestic terrorists is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Use your privilege as a white person to call out this terrorism and inaction. Urge your senators and elected officials to create policy that protects people of color. Check on your friends. Speak out when you see a stranger in distress. Turn on your camera when you see police surrounding a black person. Turning a blind eye is equivalent to hammering the final nail in the coffin of a black person just trying to grocery shop, go for a run, hang out with their friends, drive, etc.



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