I never thought The Good Life was for me

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I was born in Nebraska but lived in Colorado for a large portion of my childhood. I remember my family moving back to Nebraska from our beautiful home in Colorado Springs and being completely devastated. From the day we moved back and I went into the second grade all the way until a few years into college, I was counting down the days to leave. My husband, Jay, and I talked specifics.. an east coast town (but not too far south!), probably about a quarter-million population-wise, and liberal. We started looking at houses to purchase and creating a timeline on when we would get the hell out of Nebraska.

And then we got involved.

I had taken pride in being "involved" in politics. I had meaningful conversations, donated when I could, advocated a lot for the LGBTQ+ community in particular...but the majority of my "involvement" was being a keyboard warrior on social media. I became increasingly frustrated with the political climate in this country and felt so helpless - I had no idea what I could actually do to help that wasn't yelling at conservatives on social media. Jay, my husband, had recently landed an internship at this rad non-profit in Lincoln called the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table. I saw his life completely change and his plans to use his communications degree as a Target Store Manager crumble and shift. Civic engagement completely changed his life.. and I was intrigued.

As I saw my husband's growth in the community, it slowly lit a fire in me to grow too. I closed my laptop, I went to David City, Nebraska, and I watched passionate young people canvass for Medicaid Expansion. Shortly after, I found myself signing up to phone bank for a mayoral race in my town. After this race was over and my candidate had won, I thought, "wow - I can actually do something to help make a difference".

So here I am. The proud Communications Chair to the Nebraska Young Democrats. I still have a lot to learn. But I love my little (well.. not so little) town of Lincoln. I love being a part of the political process here. I love slowly watching my red state turn a little purple, and hopefully blue someday. I love going to city council meetings, candidate kick-offs, trainings, you name it - I'll probably be there.

Now instead of scrolling through houses on Zillow in North Carolina, my husband and I are putting offers on houses in Lincoln. I thought The Good Life wasn't for me, but in fact, The Good Life is for everyone. I will work so damn hard to make that the case.


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