The Young Democrats of America has been the official youth arm of the Democratic Party since its founding in 1932.  Since 2002, the Young Democrats of America has operated independently of the Democratic National Committee as a nonfederal 527 political organization.

Participation in the Young Democrats of America gives members the opportunity to network with their peers from across the nation and the opportunity to sharpen their political skills.  The Young Democrats of America serves as a coordinating body, a training ground, and a valuable resource for our members.  Members get first-hand experience in a wide variety of activities including campaigns and elections, grassroots organizing, fundraising, and issue advocacy.  Additionally, Young Democrats help shape the ideas of persons seeking elective office.  Sometimes those candidates are members of – or are directly recruited from – the Young Democrats of America and our state and local chapters.

Today YDA is an active, thriving organization comprised of state chapters in nearly every state and thousands of local chapters across the country.

The Nebraska Young Democrats is the official youth caucus of the Nebraska Democratic Party and is chartered with the Young Democrats of America. Membership is open to Nebraska Democrats between the ages of 13 and 35. Our mission is to reach out to young Nebraskans and empower them to be active members of the Democratic Party. We strive to give our members training and resources that will make them better campaign professionals and candidates for public and party office.

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