The Stonewall Democrats and Young Democrats have teamed up to conquer a concentrated virtual weekend of action… THE BIG WEEKEND OF ACTION. This event aims to support democratic campaigns and candidates at all levels of elected office. This BIG event will take place across three days, Friday October 23rd, Saturday October 24th, and Sunday October 25th. Sign up today and pledge to join the Stonewall and Young Democrats during this BIG WEEKEND OF ACTION as we work toward making 10,000 calls on behalf of democratic candidates! The only thing spooky about this season is waking up November 4th with the feeling you could have done more!

Sign up for this VIRTUAL event here!

Elections are near and a lot is at stake. Let's band together and not give Donald Trump another four years in the White House. Let's also come together and get young (and young-at-heart) democrats elected in Nebraska. We need you to commit to just $10 a month to Nebraska Young Democrats. Have a voice in the 2020 election!

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Because of COVID-19 we held our annual convention online. At our convention, among other business, we elected and welcomed our 2020-2021 board!

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